Our Vision
With our commitment to be quality- and value-based company, LEH-SMR is one of leading rice producers and exporters in Cambodia. With 20-year experience in rice business and good business development plan, we will supply high-quality rice to all rice market around the world. ...Read more
Company Profile
Lor Eak Heng Sek Meas Rice Co., Ltd., (LEH-SMR) is one of leading rice mills and rice exporters in Cambodia We have operated our rice business since 1995. From small rice mill with traditional rice production machine to State-of-the-art rice production machines and modern rice reprocessing syste...Read more
Flag Counter
ស្រូវ ដំណើប
នេះជាស្រូវ ដែលផលិតចេញពី​ ពូជស្រូវខ្មែរពិតៗ មិនមានការ​វិភាគពីស្ថាបន្តរដ្ឋផងដែរ សូមគាំទ្ររផលិតផលរបស់ជាតិយើង